The D&H Rail-Trail

The 38 mile D&H Rail-Trail (shown in RED on the map) runs from the Simpson Viaduct at Route 171, off of Morse Ave, north through Lanesboro to the New York State border, generally following the eastern border of Susquehanna County. Towns include Simpson, Vandling, Forest City, Union Dale, Herrick Center, Burnwood, Ararat, Thompson, Starrucca, Stevens Point, and Lanesboro.
The D&H from Simpson to Ararat (20-miles) is now undergoing trail improvements; it is planned to be open this summer-2018.  Other sections are planned for improvements as grant funds are awarded. (Click map to enlarge)

A detailed trail guide is available for download here or purchase the trip-tic version at the Rail-Trails office.

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The O&W Rail-Trail

The O&W Rail-Trail (shown in BROWN on the map above) also begins in Simpson and runs parallel to the D&H for eight miles, with the Lackawanna River often running in between the two trails. The O&W passes through Simpson, Vandling, Browndale, Union Dale, Herrick Center, Orson and continues east to Hancock, NY and the Delaware River.  The RTC controls the first 8-miles of the O&W from Simpson to Stillwater Dam. The mid-section is privately owned and allows ATVs with trail passes.  From Poyntelle north it is owned and regulated as low-maintenance roads by Preston and Buckingham Townships.

Using both rail-trails, various loop trips are possible. Linkage to hiking trails and Panther’s Bluff, a 1500 acre conservation area is possible from the O&W trail.

The O&W is original rail bed surface, graded, but rough in areas. (Click map to enlarge)

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The Endless Mountains Trail

The 10-mile Endless Mountains Trail (shown in BLUE on the map at right) runs from Alford to Montrose. It is considered one of the first rail-trails in the nation. The Rail-Trail Council is attempting to save and restore it. The trail starts at Locust Street in Montrose Borough and crosses Grow Ave near the Pump n Pantry.  It continues in Bridgewater Township behind the golf course, paralleling SR706 to Tiffany Corners  It continues to the Heart Lake area, then crosses Rose Road, where it turns to the south paralleling the active railroad to Alford.  The trail is rough in many areas, requires a mountain bike.

Map of D&H and O&W trails



  • ATV’S, dirt bikes or motorcycles are not allowed on the D&H Trail.
  •  ATVs are allowed on sections of the O&W Rail-Trail with a permit from N.E.P. Sno and ATV Trails, Inc.  For more information visit
  • The 20 miles of the D&H from Carbondale to Ararat is in the best condition for running, hiking, and biking. Unimproved trail sections require a fat-tire bike since the surface is original cinder and ballast. Equestrian users prefer sections of the D&H north of Union Dale, as well as the O&W.
  • The Northeast PA Sno-Trails, a PA State Snowmobile Association member, grooms the D&H and O&W trail system in winter, opens additional linking trails and regulates snowmobilers.
  • The Susquehanna County Snowmobilers Association grooms and maintains the Endless Mountains Trail.
  • A trail pass and insurance are necessary for snowmobiling. Courtesy and safety rules must be followed. To find out where to get your trail pass applications and trail maps, check for snow conditions and route closures, and learn more about area snowmobiling, visit or
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