RTC Vision and Plans

The basic intent of the RTC and its trail plans are to enhance the quality of life for the people who live, work, and visit the Endless Mountains Region of Northeast Pennsylvania.
The Trails will:
  • provide free recreational opportunities with healthy benefits
  • protect the Lackawanna River and Starrucca Creek corridor
  • provide river access for fishing, nature study, and kayaking
  • stimulate economic development: retain and attract businesses, stimulate new business
  • increase property values by making communities more desirable
  • increase recreational and heritage tourism
  • preserve and highlight the early transportation routes of anthracite coal
  • provide routes for alternative transportation to work, school, or town
  • provide a site for special activities as benefit runs, biking clinics, etc.
  • reestablish the links between small towns that once thrived with railroad activities
  • help build community partnerships
  • provide environmental benefits by protecting natural resources and habitats
  • provide educational opportunities both historical and environmental
  • connect to the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail

Imagine Over 100 Miles Of Trails…

Stroll, run, cycle, cross-country ski, horseback ride, snowmobile, or walk the dog.

Free of car traffic, safe for people of all ages and physical abilities to enjoy the outdoors.

Spend time with your mate, children, grandchildren, visiting friends and relatives.

Stop along the trail to eat at an area restaurant, browse through a local artisan's shop or antique store, spend the night at a local inn.

Meander through pristine woods, past scenic overlooks, rivers, streams, lakes and villages.

A showcase for the natural beauty of Northeastern Pennsylvania; a habitat for birds and animals; a means to control surface runoff and erosion, thereby protecting adjacent streams.

Relive the history of the railroads: Erie, Delaware & Hudson, New York, Ontario and Western, and the Montrose Branch of the Delaware, Lehigh and Western.

A proud legacy to hand to future generations.

Executive Officers

Bernard McGurl, President
Jim O’Pecko, Vice President
Deb McNamara, Vice President
Jon Burdick, Secretary
Fred Garm, Treasurer

The North East Pennsylvania Rail-Trails Council Board of Directors

Gary Bates
Craig Benson
Timothy Bradley
Frank Brager
Ethel Breuche
Robert Breuche
Jim Brownlow
Jon Burdick
Barbara Connor

Fred Garm
Arnold Gordon
Ron Harding
Audrey Kase
Bernie McGurl
Deb McNamara
Tom Murphy
Helen Newson

Kirk Newsom
Jim O’Pecko
Dan Pregnar
Dana Rockwell
Elliot Ross
Nancy Ross
Jane Varcoe
Chuck Wiseman


Cindy Klenk, Program Manager
Ann Brunori, Administrative Assistant

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